Giving Back

$1 from every item sold

We donate one dollar from every item sold to bird conservation projects around the world. 

what we accomplished in 2020

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Projects We Support

In 2021 we will continue to support Paso Pacifico (Mesoamerica) and Vulpro (South Africa) but will be adding more organizations soon. Stay tuned!

Paso Pacifico

Protecting Bird habitat in Mesoamerica

Paso Pacifico's Work

Man standing in a forest in Nicaragua

Protecting Wildlife Corridors

Paso Pacifico acquires degraded land such as old ranches and farms and restores habitats to provide safe wildlife corridors.

With the help of locals they plant native trees which support birds and other wildlife.

Their team tags and studies migratory birds to map migration routes across Central America.

Yellow-naped Amazon parrot

Saving Endangered Species

The endangered Yellow-naped Amazon parrot is one of their flagship species. 

Nests are protected by placing trail cameras above them to reduce poaching. Also they have an incentive program in which they pay community members to protect nests. For each successful fledgling, they pay farmers more than two times what the bird would be sold for on the black market.

Girl holding baby sea turtle on a beach

Supporting Communities

They protect land, regenerate ecosystems, and monitor endangered species while working with landowners and involving locals to ensure prosperity for wildlife and people.

Their junior rangers program has seen over 400 students graduate.

They offer support and empower women by helping in the creation of a women’s oyster cooperative.

Visit Paso Pacifico Site


saving africa's vultures

VulPro's Work

Lappet-faced vulture portrait

Vulture Rehabilitation

VulPro rehabilitates vultures that were victims of illegal poisoning or collisions with power lines.

A new intensive care unit is needed and we hope our funds will contribute to constructing the new ICU!

Vulture with research tag on its wing


VulPro is an active member of the scientific research community.

Some of their studies include ex-situ research, spatial movement patterns, population and breeding monitoring.

Vulture chick with its parent

Breeding Center

With a capacity of up to 30 eggs a year, the breeding center works to increase the local wild population of vultures. Chicks are raised by their captive breeding parents until old enough to be released into the wild.

Visit VulPro Site